Our Story

Baby J's has been established since June 2nd, 2018.  A pop- up marquee shop located permanently at 234 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing. 

Our Story

Joey Spiteri is the owner behind Baby J's. He has always been passionate about food- the tradition of it, cooking it, sharing it and of course...eating it! He never had an ideal career in mind growing up, but one thing he always knew was, he loved food! So in July 2015, Joey hopped on a plane , on a quest to taste and experience all the different foods America had to offer, in the hope of being inspired with ideas to turn his love for food into a career. Sure enough in California, he attended County Fairs, where he tasted deep-fried Funnel cakes; a American treat, cross between a doughnut and a waffle, something that he’d never seen in Australia. And  Frozen Cheesecake-on-a-stick, covered in chocolate and toppings. These two unique desserts sparked his inspiration, and he returned home with a big idea and a passion for all things sweet.

2 years later: Baby J's opened: a pop-up marquee shop, located in Hoppers Crossing. Open Thursday-Sunday, 5pm-11pm.


In a year, Joey and his team have made a name for themselves within the community and across Melbourne. With unique offerings  such as Funnel cakes and 'Unicorn' Cannoli, it is no wonder they have created a buzz and loyal following on Social Media .The Herald Sun, Foxfm and Urbanlist have written stories on the business, which is a huge achievement for a small business.

Recently they were awarded the 'People's Choice' Award for the 2019 Wyndham Business Awards.

They have  pop up at Melbourne food festivals such as Hank Marvin and Cakes Bakes and Sweets Show.

Joey and team hope to continue to bring their sweet treats to more people across Melbourne in the near future.